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We approach Small business accounting and tax in a way that helps grow your wealth while optimising your taxes.


Our YouTube channel has a range of content to help you maximise your tax return and better structure your small business for growth.


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We are Crypto Tax Specialists. We have a range of different crypto tax clients of various size including investors, traders and miners.


Our courses give you the A to Z on popular topics such as starting a business or maximising your tax return.

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Our goal is to optimise your tax position, no matter if you are an individual or a business.


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Rooshock Accounting is a Tax Agent and Accounting Firm located in Adelaide, South Australia. We have an office space in the Western Suburbs of Adelaide as well as an office we work out of in Port Pirie.

We are able to service clients online all across the country, in fact we have multiple clients in every state of Australia. Whether this is helping them with their small business accounting needs or completing their Crypto Tax Return. We are here to help.

Our number one priority always has been and always will be communication. We aim to communicate with our clients regularly and in a way they understand.

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