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Your crypto tax affairs handle by experts in the field. We offer a range of different products for those who are cryptocurrency investors. It doesn’t matter if it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum or alt coins, we can handle your crypto tax affairs. We are experts in all things tax on cryptocurrencies, Defi Tax, NFT Tax, plus all other Crypto Tax areas. We will help you;

Manage your Crypto Tax affairs,

Ensure you're aware of the up to date ATO laws surrounding crypto,

Give you direction on the best way to manage your record keeping

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Crypto Tax Services

Crypto tax is a complex space so it is important that you are using an accountant who understands crypto. Our team has a background in investing in crypto as well even launching an NFT project previously.

We currently offer the following services;

Crypto Tax Returns

Our crypto tax returns ensure that your return is lodged by a crypto tax expert. We will ensure that you are treating your crypto tax affairs in line with the current ATO regulations.


*This price is based on your providing a reconciled report from a crypto tax software. This price includes a standard employment only tax return. There will be extra charges for business income, investment properties or any other investment activity.

Crypto Tax Planning

We will look at your estimated tax position prior to the end of the financial year and go through any strategies that will help to optimise your tax position.


*This price is based on your providing a reconciled report from a crypto tax software. This price does not include any crypto reconciliation work or a crypto tax return.

Crypto Reconciliations

We are currently booked out for any crypto reconciliation work. If you need any reconciliation work done prior to completing your tax return, you can contact us for a recommendation.


Crypto Tax Software Recommendations

In order to track your crypto taxes, you will need to convert all your transactions back to Australian dollars. There is software that can help you do this, even if you have complex crypto tax matters.

Crypto Tax Strategy Sessions

We offer a paid 30 Minute Crypto Tax Advice Strategy Session. In this session we can cover any Crypto Tax topics you wish. This includes the basics of Crypto Tax, Crypto Mining, Crypto Staking, Crypto as a Business, or anything else Crypto Tax related.

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