Business Advisory


Tax Planning

One of our key objectives when working with a business is ensuring they are structured in a way that will legally minimise the amount of tax they have to pay. We then work with clients each year to come up with strategies that will ensure they are reducing their tax bill, leaving more money for them to accomplish their goals.


Cash Flow Forecasting

One of the major issues for many business' is cash. The question will come up quite often, if I have made a profit, where is the Cash? We work with business' to ensure they always have a Cash Flow forecast at all times. This will help them navigate through low periods, or ensure they don't waste cash through the highs.


Business Analysis

A business owner can quite often get bogged down in the everyday running of the business, that they don't get a chance to look at the big picture. Something unique that we like to do, is to go into a business and provide them with a thorough analysis in all aspects of business. This goes beyond just looking at the numbers, and looks at areas such as marketing, software, employees, and much more. This is customised to each business and involves on site visits to help get a better picture on areas for improvement and growth.

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