Who is Rooshock Accounting

We are a modern innovative accounting business located in Adelaide but servicing clients all across Australia. We help our clients;

Grow their business in a way that maximises wealth while optimising your tax position;

Give you answers that actually make sense and aren't filled with accounting jargon,

Reduce your taxes via maximising your tax deductions and ensuring optimal tax structuring.

Rooshock Accounting

We Help You

Increase Profits
Increase Profits
Reduce Taxes
Reduce Taxes
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Save Time
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Our Approach

We work with our clients by providing a range of services in business, accounting and taxation. By harnessing the power of the cloud, we are able to serve business owners Australia wide. We are currently based in both Adelaide & Port Pirie, South Australia.

By focusing on more than just compliance work, we aim to help business owners grow their business through a range of business advisory services.

Our goal is to always;

Optimise Your Tax Position: Every wants to save tax and we want to help you achieve that. We will ensure you are optimising your tax position via maximising deductions and ensuring you are structured in the most tax effective way.

Communicate Clearly: If you walk away from a conversation and haven't understood what we said, we haven't done our job properly. Our goal is to ensure you understand everything that is important to your financial and tax success.

Encourage Business Growth: We love seeing your business grow and want to help you along that journey. There is nothing better than reviewing your financials at the end of the year and seeing a growth in business and profits.

Meet our Director, Ethan Rucioch

You may recognise our director Ethan Rucioch (Rooshock) from his YouTube channel. He started Rooshock Accounting at the age of just 25 with the goal of creating a business that was built from the cloud. The business is built with the foundation that business owners should have an accountant who not only specialises in ensuring they meet all of their taxation obligations, but also has a passion for growing their business.

He launched his YouTube channel in 2020 with the goal of providing content that would help his clients better understand their taxes. It has grown to a community of over 10K subscribers and 500,000 views, with videos covering a range of topics such as individual tax deductions and how to structure your business in the most optimal way when it comes to tax.

Ethan has an expertise in small business tax, eBay and Reseller businesses, Crypto Tax, plus working with cloud based accounting software. He has been working with our clients who are using software such as Xero, Crypto Tax Calculator, Koinly & Hubdoc.

Ethan Rucioch