Fixed Fee Individual Tax Returns

Fixed Fee Tax Returns. No matter how simple or complex your Individual Tax Return may be, we are here to help. We are a registered tax agent that can handle all types of tax returns including if you have an investment property or crypto investments.

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Email/Messenger Individual Tax Returns

Work with one of our accountant via email or Facebook Messenger to get your tax return done from the comfort of your house.

Individual Tax Returns via Phone or Zoom

This is the option for you if you want to be able to complete your Individual Tax Return with one of our accountants over the phone or Zoom. This can be done at a time that suits you, and isn't limited to business hours.

In Person Individual Tax Returns

Despite our push to utilise cloud technology, we still over traditional face to face tax return appointments. Currently these are available for clients in Adelaide & Port Pirie.

Crypto Tax Returns

We are crypto tax experts who will be able to handle your crypto tax affairs. You can find out more about our specialised offering for crypto tax returns.

Current Pricing Structure

We believe in being transparent with our fee structure. The following is our current fixed fee structure for our Individual Tax Returns. Please Contact Us for an individual quote if your circumstances are complex.

individual tax return
Individual Tax Return
$129 per return
rental property tax
Rental Property
$70 per property
capital gains tax
Capital Gains Event
$70 per asset class
small business tax
Business Schedule

*All prices quoted on this page include GST. Prices are subject to change. Contact us for an individual quote. 


Flexibility & Convenience

Want to complete your Tax return while sitting home on the couch? While travelling home from work? We offer a service that allows you to have your return completed in a format that suits you best. This can be done via email, phone, Zoom or in person.


Fixed Price Structure

Our fees are a fixed price structure, providing you with the reassurance that you won't receive an unexpected bill. With our individual tax return's starting from just $129, we aim to provide a high quality service at a price that won't take a large chunk out of your tax refund.


Rental Properties

Rental properties can be quite confusing for owners and typically they can miss out on deductions that they are able to claim. We are here to help ensure you maximise your deductions that may be available to you. We love helping our clients to ensure they understand the real return they are getting on a rental property, and making sure they are taking the correct steps to maximise this.


Capital Gains Tax

If you've sold a rental property, some shares, cryptocurrencies, or anything else that you believe may attract a Capital Gain, one of our accountant's will be able to help. We take the stress out of this process by helping guide you through what information you will require, as well as the final outcome. We also provide advice to you each year when discussing your tax return in regards to any potential assets you may own that could incur a capital gain in the future.