About Us


Our Director, Ethan Rucioch, is one of the younger directors of an accounting firm across Australia. His aim was to create a practice that was built from the Cloud. The business world is changing as technology continues to evolve. Business owners should have an accountant who not only specialises in ensuring they meet all of their taxation obligations, but also has a passion for growing their business.

At Rooshock Accounting, our passion is helping business owners to become more innovative and grow their business. We aim to do this by supporting them in meeting all of their accounting and taxation obligations. We then work with them to use the data available to grow their business.

Utilizing software such as Xero, Crypto Tax Calculator, Koinly, & Hubdoc, we work with our clients to embrace the technology that is available to them. This doesn’t just stop at accounting technology, we also work with our clients in a range of other areas such as marketing, payroll, point of sale systems, and much more.

We also work closely with a range of Crypto Investors, Crypto Traders & Crypto Miners, to help them stay on top of their Cryptocurrency Tax Obligations.

Our Approach

We work with our clients by providing a range of services in business, accounting and taxation. By harnessing the power of the cloud, we are able to serve business owners Australia wide. We are currently based in both Adelaide & Port Pirie, South Australia.

By focusing on more than just compliance work, we aim to help business owners grow their business through a range of business advisory services.

By building our practice from the cloud, we aim to work with business owners to innovate with their business by taking advantage of cloud technology.

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We communicate regularly with our clients, touching base with them to see how things are going, not just waiting for them to contact us.


We want our client’s businesses to thrive. We work with business owners to grow their business. Technology plays a big part in this area.


We want our clients to walk out of every meeting fully understanding what was discussed. We explain things in a way that makes sense.